Rocky’s Auto Sales Inc.

9108 Dixie Hwy. : Louisville KY 40258

Phone: 502-935-4284
fax: 502-933-4661

About Us

Rocky has been in business for 30 years helping thousands of folks buy cars.Trust Rocky, he will trust you and give you a chance. Call Today and you can be driving a great car truck van or SUV 9108 Dixie Hwy. Louisville, KY 40258 in about 20 minutes! We will work with YOUR situation, and help YOU get the reliable transportation YOU need and deserve! We promise to treat you with respect,dignity, and courtesy no matter what your current credit situation is...We believe in YOU until proven different! Thanks, Rocky

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Address: 9108 Dixie Hwy. : Louisville, KY 40258
Phone: (502) 935-4284
Fax: (502) 933-4661